bollwerklab 10: downhill downtown

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showing bollwerklab 10 downhill downtown: 25. Okt. 17:00 in

with Andrea Boll, Ivan Blagajevic, Diane Gemsch and a movie research ‘downhill’ from Peter Kadar

downhill & downtown, a stirring journey with Andrea Boll i.c.w. Melissa Ellberger

and companions Ivan Blagajevic, Diane Gemsch, Berit Jentsch, Peter Kadar 2014 / 2015

dance performances in nature and in the city

This project explores the potential of dance outdoors such as in nature, in urban areas, in various public and unusual spaces.downhill & downtown opens up and develop new approaches and canvases for dance by constructing a suitable specific movement language: we therefore create a dance form influenced and shaped by the environment; it includes, reflects, completes and enriches it. The choreographic composition plays with the given surroundings and consequently, the spectator’s perception of space is affected and changes.

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