Temtapsi Island

Première date: 29th of March 2006 

Welcome to the Island!
Call it Temtapsi Island
It’s where you want to be
Reach out and taps it!
It’s tapsi, temtapsi, the name is Temtapsi.

Its sugar with spice, cocktails and ice,
glamorously pimpy and wonderfully slinky
It’s long legs and cutlets.
Bruised, used, abused and amused.
It’s tapsi, temtapsi, the name is TemtapsiIsland.
A muse to Temtapsi. It’s you!

Temtapsi Island: Seduction, fantasy, competition and boredom in a house just a bit too small for the inhabitants, who flirt with misfortune and make naughty propositions to each other in an atmosphere of choking proximity and unspoken expectations.

TemtapsiIsland is a performance about a very special relationship between two women and a brother, who have one thing in common: their fascination for Kill Bill ! 

Hans Hof Ensemble in coproduction with Grand Theatre Groningen

Project details

  • Year: 2006
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