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teaching profile

Teaching profile Andrea Boll




This class focuses on the dancers relationship with the floor (the floor as partner); practices centrifugal, spiraling and serpentine movement patterns for economical entrances into and exits from the floor; involves breathing dynamics and the release of energy throughout the body as a motor of movement; includes practical anatomy to discover and explore working with the skeleton in order to improve and expand the range of movement. Sequences build up during the entire class in order to train and improve functional and performing skills; strength and flexibility; alignment and joyful, energetic moving and dancing.






In this dance class the focus lies on movement-sequences inspired on Aikido and Kung-Fu. We approach those moves by putting emphasis on the shoulder blade – sit bone – heel – connection (lateral connection) and the middle line as inner orientation in order to achieve alignment, flow & joy while moving & dancing. 




In this class we explores dropping, falling and leaping by working with the visualisation of the center line, inclination in space to create suspension and work with spacial patterns, vectors and planes for inner (in the body) and outer (in space) orientation . 


together strong (partnering classes / workshops)



Intensive practice of taking and giving weight, lifts and falls based on three principals: leaning against each other and leaning away from each other (equal balance of weight), leading & following (unequal weight) and taking off the weight to arrive to lifts or falls. We improve physical communication with and alertness to a partner and challenge our physical and mental stamina.


the mobile camera





Choreographer Andrea Boll, in collaboration with steadicam operator / editor Peter Kadar and steadicam expert Chris Fawcett, made the dance film downhill, shot entierly on smartphone. The handset with Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabilizer gave them production strength and proved to be the perfect equipment for shooting on difficult terrain like a steep high Alp.

In collaboration with the Cinedans – Dance On Screen 2018 and the Henny Jurriëns Foundation inAmsterdam, a two-day workshop was first time  offered for dance makers with film ambitions. Andrea Boll and her team introduce you to the choreography of the camera: where does the camera take over from the dancer and how do you create dynamics? A hands on workshop for both experienced and interested makers.

bollwerk offers this workshop in co-teaching by min. two crew-members of downhill.
Impressions of the workshop The Mobile Camera here

For more information please contact: info@bollwerk-andreaboll.com / Tel+ 41 76 772 29 12


outside in - inside out (improvisation & composition workshop)



During this workshop we explore different principals to create dance material departing from movement qualities, imagination, emotions, space perspectives, music or thematic contexts. We create sequences and scenes, play and experiment with deconstruction, enlargement & reduction, approach language as a dance tool and work on solos, duets, trios and group scores.






Choreo-Lab provides space for communication, development of methods and dance material as well as rehearsal and performance situations in different local contexts. The aim of Choreo-Lab is to train, challenge and develop further choreographic skills, and evaluate them. It allows to try out new working methods, different styles and aesthetics and to receive a direct feedback and reflection during the process. Choreo-Lab is a liberating and challenging playground. For the dancers it is a great opportunity to look into and taste choreographic procedure, get to know different choreographers and try out various styles and methodologies. Examples: http://vimeo.com/89866946 password: choreolab2013 and http://vimeo.com/55236690

urban & nature

Outdoor dance training in exchange with the environment. Overcome obstacles and deal with different undergrounds, practice different variations of site-specific movements. Working with perceptions and senses, using natural elements, surfaces and architecture as inspiration for movement (mapping space with the body).

essentials for a class

(defined during LEAP-teacher residency together with fellow IDODCDE-teachers Anne Garrigues, Juliette Durrleman, Kerstin Kussmaul, Simon Wehrli, Sabina Holzer) Create a friendly environment for cooperation and space for learning experiences To wake up body awareness Connecting inside – outside Relation between breath and movement Evoke a physical or mental tiredness to get beyond / to get to know more about oneself / to wake up creativity Care for the body and alignment, giving tools for not hurting oneself and increase dance-technical skills

information & bookings: info@bollwerk-andreaboll.com
Andrea: I got my dance teacher education and diploma at the Rotterdamse Dansacadmie (now Codarts) in modern dance (Graham, Limon, Cunningham) / contemporary dance, improvisation and ballet. Throughout my career I practice(d), studied and researched intensively and continuously contemporary dance, partnering, improvisation, contact improvisation, yoga as well as speaking and singing on stage.
I like to learn from other disciplines and throughout the years I included elements and skills of the following techniques in my  teaching as well: yoga, aikido, dance trapeze and aerial techniques, breakdance and kung-fu. I’m seeking for continuouse development of my dancing and teaching skills through research and practice and by collaborating with inspiring dancers, choreographers and teachers. Some of the teachers and colleagues who inspire and influence my approach of teaching are: Inaki Azapailla (contemporary dance, partnering), David Zambrano (flying low, passing through), Gert van Leeuwen (yoga critical alignment and meditation), Hanneke Koks (voice classes), Frey Faust (Axis Syllabus), Andrew Morrish (solo improvisation, sound and language improvisation), Melissa Ellberger (ongoing research: breakdance & dance trapeze and new circus meets contemporary dance, site specific practices), Peter Kadar (bollwerk: co-teaching giving and taking weight, partnering, improvisation skills & games, camera work). Together with her former colleagues from the Hans Hof Ensemble Andrea invented a specific approach of working with sets, props, costumes and dance partners, which she developed further and recesses ongoing through her choreographic work with bollwerk. To bring those techniques and methodologies back to class situations, she translates them into physical exercises, movement quality researches and improvisation tasks, performance skill- practices as well as outdoor and site specific dance practices. Since 2013 Andrea is project team member of IDOCDE (International Documentation Of Contemporary Dance Education and LEAP (Learn-Exchange-Apply-Practice), a EU-project designed to develop and document best practices of contemporary dance education, to improve networking among contemporary dance educators and to increase visibility of this vibrant art form. check it out: www.idocde.net

dance first, think later!

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