dance film 10' - 2020


Water – Leonardo da Vinci called it ’the blood of the planet’. A group of people emerges from the water. They try to resist the current of the river and the stream of people in the city, but have to surrender to the flow and are washed ashore. On the shore, the stranded seek for hold and refuge. In the course of the film ‘against or with the flow’, ‘resistance and devotion’ manifest as a primal instinct, as a survival strategy.

Andrea Boll – direction & choreography
Peter Kadar – camera & editing
Chris Fawcett – steadicam operator
Ivan Blagajcevic, Andrea Boll, Chris de Feyter, Hella Immler, Emeric Rabot – dance
Alex Zampini – music
Nico Gutmann / unico film – producer
Cinedans – coproducer
supported by: BAK – Bundesamt für Kultur, Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur, Ernst Göhner Stiftung

DOWNRIVER is awarded 

in 2022 with:

BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILM – Ficmarc -Caribbean Sea International Film Festival

in 2021 with:

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – Wild Dogs International Screendance Festival

BEST MUSIC and DANCE – Short Film Factory

BEST SHORT – Amarcort Film Festival

BEST OVERALL FILM EDIT – Florence Dance On Screen


BEST SHORT DANCE FILM Sacramento World Film Festival

BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT – Madrid Arthouse Film Festival

BEST SHORT – Medusa Film Festival 5th season, USA

BEST DANCE SHORT – Accord Cine Fest, India

BEST DANCE FILM – Kansas Arthouse Festival

BEST DANCE SHORT FILM – Cairo Indie Short Festival

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM – New Creators Film Awards 2021 

BEST SHORT DANCE FILM – Vesuvius International Film Fest 

BEST SHORT DANCE – Florida Shorts

MEJOR VIDEO DANZA – XII Encuentro Para Cinéfagos (Festival de CineArte en la Frontera) 

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM – Aab International Film Festival

HONORABLE MENTION – Inspired Dance Film Festival Australia


screenings, streamings & nominations 2022:
International Film Festival of Ahmednagar India – official selection
BIPOD Festival Beirut – within Ciendans On Tour 26 May + streaming 25-29 May: Citerne.Live
Moovy Tanzfilmfestival 23.04. I 18:00
FECSC- Festival Internacional de Cine de Santa Cruz 15-17 April
8 & HalFilm Awards 13 April – official selection
Beirut International Women Film Festival 6-11 March
Artists for Hope Film Festival 22 Jan – 5 Feb 
Kalakari Film Festival – 6 Feb.
Dance Camera Pandemia / Dance Camera Istanbul – 4 Feb.
Caribbean Sea International Film Festival  – 19 Jan.
Flatlands Dance Film Festival – 22. Jan. – FINALIST
Hollywood On The Tiber Fim Awards – Jan. – selected

screenings, streamings & nominations 2021:

60 sec. or less Film Festival 17 Dec. (within shorts)
IMARP – Mostra Internacional de dança – Imagens em Movimento – Video dança 13-18 Dec.
Cuerpo Mediado Festival de Videodanza 17-19 Dec.
Calcutta International Short Film Festival 17-18 Dec.
Tokyo International Short Film Festival – Dec. – FINALIST
NanJing International Film Festival 30 Nov. – 1 Dez. 2021
Aporia FF, Korea
Korea’s Mullae Creative Village and Jeju Island
8th Goa Short Film Festival 202
Imajitari – International Dance Film Festival
Dallas Dance Film Festval – 18 Nov.
Moving Images Festival Egomio Cultural Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus 12-14 Nov.
Urban Visions-Beyond the Ideal City – 11-14 Nov.
Florence Dance On Screen Festival 29 Oct. – 1 Nov.
Greensboro Dance Film Festival 30 Oct.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival 15-24 Oct. 2021
New York International Women Festival – 5 Oct. – FINALIST
Kalakari Film Festival, India, Official Selection, Oct 2021
Mill of performing arts, Larissa Greece 25-26 Sept. 2021
Thessaloniki Cinedance International, Vitruvian Thing, Greece 24-26 Sept. 2021
Light Moves Festival of Screendance, Irland 23 – 26 Sept. 2021
ZED Festival Internazionale Videodanza, Italy 22-29 Sept. 2021
Parma Music Film Festival, Italy within CinedansFEST – program, 20-25 Sept. 2021
For Corners Film Festival, USA 15-17 Sept. 2021
Screen Dance International Festival, Detroit Michigan USA 12 Sept. 2021
Sans Souci, Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA 3-5 Sept. 2021
Film Fest by Rogue Dancers, Amongst the people edition 20 Aug. – 5 Sept. 2021
Wild Dogs International Screendance Festival, Canada 18 Sept. 2021
7th Bogotá Experimental Film Festival 18 Aug. in person / online in Sept. 2021
Dencentric Film Festival DFF, USA 21-22 Aug. 2021
New York Battery Festival 12-14 Aug 2021 / online – 20 Aug.
FASS Forward Film Festival 1 Aug. 2021
DanceBRAN ScreenDANCE Festival, Battle Lake USA 27 July
Spring Grove Caledonia Film Festival, Minnesota USA 24-25 July
Dances with Camera Competition, Short Waves Festival, Poland 14-20 June
Dance Film Festival Prague 3 – 5 June 2021
Contact Dance International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada 5-6 June 2021
London Indie Short Festival semi finalist May 2021
DanzaTTack, Islas Canarias Spain 7-16 May 2021
REELING: dance on screen Edmonton Alberta, Canada 16-30 May 2021
Dance On Screen, Switzerland 10-16 May 2021
ScreenDance Festival, Stockholm, Sweden 22 –  29 April 2021
ZIEL Spring Dance Festival, Brooklyn, nyc United States 26-28 March 2021
(NOMINATION Best Production)
Opine Dance Film Festival, Philadelphia United States 25 – 28 March 2021
Cinedans FEST 2021 in shorts 5, Amsterdam, NL  25-28. March 2021
Cine RO – Festival de Cinema de Rondonia, Brazil  10-25 March 2021
(NOMINATIONS: Best Picture, Best Montage, Best Soundtrack, Best Sound)
world premiere: Cinedans FEST 2020 (postponed to 2021 due to covid-19)

Jury Amarcort Film Festival about DOWNRIVER:
Original text in Italian:
“L’elemento cinematografico viene coniugato in modo spettacolare, e con alta professionalità tecnica, al linguaggio corporeo in relazione con l’ambiente circostante evocando diverse emozioni basate anche sull’aspetto qualitativo della colonna sonora e del movimento corporeo dei protagonisti”.
English translation:
The film element is conjugated spectacularly, and with high professional technique, to body language in relation with surrounding environment, evoking different emotions, based also on the qualitative aspect of the music score and the body movement of the protagonists.

Jury XII Encuentro Para Cinéfagos (Festival de CineArte en la Frontera) about DOWNRIVER:
Original text in Spanish:

“Del fondo emergen, vitales, por un instante calculan y se lanzan a enfrentar el trecho rio arriba que les toca recorrer, deslizándose y cortando obstáculos entre ecosistemas terrestres o acuáticos, o un fango espeso intermedio, aferrados a alguna roca expuesta sobre la superficie del flujo, o flotando rio abajo, o estancados, con sus cabellos bailando al son del agua que choca y se devuelve en las riberas. Encuadres y edición forman parte orgánica de este ensamble, que consigue que el espectador embarque en este viaje de renacimiento y flujo cíclico”

English translation:
From the bottom they emerge, vital, for an instant they calculate and launch themselves to face the upstream stretch they have to travel, sliding and cutting obstacles between terrestrial or aquatic ecosystems, or an intermediate thick mud, clinging to some rock exposed on the surface of the flow, or floating downstream, or stagnant, with their hair dancing to the sound of the water that crashes and returns on the banks. Framing and editing are an organic part of this assemblage, which takes the viewer on a journey of rebirth and cyclical flow.