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Urban & Nature

urban & nature - training

URBAN & NATURE is an outdoor training in exchange with the environment. Overcome obstacles and deal with different undergrounds, practice different variations of site-specific movements. Working with perceptions and senses, using natural elements, surfaces and architecture as inspiration for natural movement and training (mapping space with the body).

Changing meeting-points and times in Zurich and in the Swiss Alps.
👉🏽 get in touch if you wish to participate: 
or direct message IG: bollwerk.bollwerkfil.aboll

👉🏽 get in touch to propose a date / a meeting point or direct message IG: bollwerk.bollwerkfil.aboll
(we are looking forward to your proposal, and we are happy to put together an urban & nature training for you that meets your needs!

Instructors: Andrea Boll, Chris de Feyter

urban & nature - skills - jumping

urban & nature - skills - hanging & balancing

urban & nature - skills - between 2 objects