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relaxation – mobilisation & coordination – strength

What is CAYoga?
The Critical Alignment Yoga practice aims to reveal areas of stress and tension in our body. The exercises mobilise the spine, release muscular tension and restore our innate mobility and strength. By working through stiff areas, you are facing not only your habitual patterns and physical structure, but also the way in which you interact with yourself and the world around you. Becoming conscious about these patterns opens up a path to release blockages and emotions that no longer suit you. The result is a feeling of relief, lightness and spaciousness in the body and the mind; a feeling of being totally at ease, both in yoga and in life.

Is CAYoga for you?
Critical Alignment Yoga is accessible to every ‘body’. It can help someone who is suffering from back-related pain and discomfort, it can help beginners who want to start practicing yoga safely, and it can help advanced practitioners who want to deepen their yoga, dance or sports practice.

Offered in a safe, restorative atmosphere, the CAYoga practice incites curiosity about the body, its anatomy and functionality and helps to develop healthy movement patterns. Everyone can implement those in daily life, immediately and directly. Whether it’s while sitting at the laptop or while performing complex movement sequences.

Hi, I’m (Andrea Boll) a certified CAYoga teacher and practice CAY since more than 20 years with the CAY – community.
Get in touch to book a class, a private session or get to know more about my CAYoga – MODULES – plan:
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MO 19:20 – 20:00 CAYoga.bolla SPINE TREATMENT
Newly discover the coordination & connections of lower back – pelvis & thoracic spine – neck – shoulders – arms in order to get to free and total movements. Use your breath and visualization to redefine movement patterns, strengthen the whole body and say good-by to pain, blockades or discomfort!
This short class is suitable as introduction to CAYoga and focuses on the thoracic spine and lower back. If you suffer from blockades, stiffness or pain in these areas and/or pelvis, shoulders, neck; if you are recovering from injuries or want to resolve long-term problems with the musculoskeletal system, you will benefit from this class!
It’s also perfect to relax your spine at the end of the day (both after long sitting or (intensive) physical activity). Go to sleep with a spine at ease and wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

👉🏽 book & get login-link: or press red button
👉🏽 book as MODULE 1 (5 x), get in touch:
or message IG: cayoga.schweiz.bolla (no later than 1h before class starts)
👉🏽 can be booked as private class in CH or online. Get in touch: / direct message on IG: cayoga.bolla.schweiz

👉🏽 please note:
For the MON-class you need the CAY tools: felt mat & rubber stripe.
For the THU-class also the headstander and backbender.
For the online classes you can rent or buy the tools from me. – contact me to get to know more.
For personal sessions all the tools are available in the studio.

THU 19:00-20:00
alternating with
(online class)

We work with anatomical visualisation (bones, joints, muscles) and sensory images in order to isolate body parts and experience their functionality in the skeleton-structure. You learn to understand and to guide yourself through the sensations you can experience while practicing, and how to use them to break through habits and rebuild coordination and strength.
In this class we focus on lengthening and straightening the thoracic spine, and we work with the CAY-tools ‘backbender’, filt mat and rubber stripe. In the studio I’ll provide those tools, online it’s possible to replace them with a small and a big towel and a big book for under the head. For people who live in CH, it’s possible to borrow or buy the CAYoga-tools from me.

This class focuses on series of asanas with the lower & upper back in connection with pelvis and legs in the focus.

👉🏽 book & get login-link: or press red button
(no later than 1h before class starts)
👉🏽 book as MODULE 2 (6 x or 8 x or 10x), get in touch:
message IG: cayoga.schweiz.bolla
👉🏽 can be booked as private class in CH or online. Get in touch: / direct message on IG: cayoga.bolla.schweiz

relaxation – mobilisation & coordination – strength