“The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life”

– Oscar Wilde

downhill - the movie

premiere in Dance on Screen – Cinedans Festival Amsterdam
EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam
17 MAART | 10.30 | ZAAL 2

18 MAART | 14.00 | ZAAL 2

Kino Riffraff in Zürich on 27 of March 2018


direction & choreography Andrea Boll / bollwerk – director of photography Chris Fawcett – camera & editing Peter Kadar – choreography assistance Ivan Blagajcevic – dancers Ivan Blagajcevic, Andrea Boll Chris de Feyter Berit Jentzsch, Csongor Kadar Federica Normanno, Tanaka Lionel Roki – music Roman Glaser – dramaturgy Nienke Rooijakkers – costumes Andrea Boll – audio mastering Can Söyler – colorist Ljubomir Lukas – drone operator Michael Mühlemann – production company bollwerk – production assistance Reni Boll – location Maiensäss Darsiez, Val da Schons, CH – producer Nico Gutmann / unico film GmbH – coproducer Cinedans Festival Amsterdam – rehearsal residency at Tanzhaus Zürich – supported by Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur and Ernst Gönner Stiftung – many thanks to Donata Clopat, Peter Purtschert, kameramann.ch

A dance production with live music by bollwerk – Andrea Boll, Glassstone Productions and Les Proliféric’s Associés

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15 Dec. 2017 premiere of ‘bones’

  • 15 Dec. 20h
  • 16 Dec. 20h
  • 17 Dec. 18h
  • 20 & 21 Dec. 20h

On the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution, humanity is about to change once more. Will we, someday, open the wardrobe and think about which body to take out today? With our bones as contemporary witnesses and together with the audience, the artistic team rummage through the past, the present and possible future scenarios. bones dares to take stock of the human evolution in a sceptical, bizarre, speculative, emotional manner and works itself into the human chassis with delight and different point of views. Of flesh and blood, right to the bones, virtually.

Artistic Direction
Andrea Boll
Choreography & dance Andrea Boll, Elina Müller Meyer, Sonia Rocha
Composition & flute Roman Glaser Composition & bass Fabian Sevilla
Light Lukas Sander Stage design Flavia Horat Costumes Sabina Hexspoor
Photography & video Peter Kadar, camera works
Coproduction Fabriktheater / Rote Fabrik
Production Management & Bookings  Nicole Friedman / tanztotal
TEL. +41 76 439 70 50 EMAIL n.friedman@tanztotal.ch   More information

downhill downriver downtown

By making the path to our destination, we expose
and explore the ‘condition humaine’.

site-specific tours in cities and nature with a walking audience

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contemporary dance class

spirales circles serpentines

the class focuses on the dancers relationship with the floor; practices centrifugal and spiraling movements in order to move economical; involves breathing dynamic and the release of energy throughout the body in order to activate the relationship between the center line, the joints and the perifery. There is a focus on the skeletal structure that will help to improve physical perception, technical skills and awareness. Movement sequences build up during the entire class, which challenge and train functionality, performance skills and body and mind.

dance first, think later!

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about us

bollwerk lets arise pieces and initiatives that grapple with the zeitgeist and the changing society and reflect within the artistic practice.

bollwerk also explores the potential of site-specific dance. In nature, in the public space and in buildings Andrea Boll, along with fellow artists and companions, conceives and opens up new dance traces and designs a dance idiom that receives the environment, opposes, reflect, complements and enriches it. Interpretation patterns are revealed and changed by dance statements.

technical riders

technical rider of downtown: download (pdf)