a sensuell, sensitive duet that starts as a massage and ends up going under the skin.


coming soon: premiere downriver in Cinedans FEST 2020
direction & choreography Andrea Boll
camera & edit Peter Kadar
steadicam Chris Fawcett
producer Nico Gutmann / unico film GmbH
coproducer Cinedans Amsterdam
dancers Ivan Blagajcevic, Andrea Boll, Chris de Feyter,
Hella Immler, Emeric Rabot

downhill downriver downtown

By making the path to our destination, we expose and explore the ‘condition humaine’.

site-specific tours in cities and nature with a walking audience

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dance first, think later!

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about us

bollwerk lets arise pieces and initiatives that grapple with the zeitgeist and the changing society and attempt to unravel the layers of the untamable essence of human nature.

The company bollwerk is founded in Amsterdam by Andrea Boll in 2008 and is based in Zurich since 2014. bollwerk dances on stage, in nature, in the public space and makes dance movies. Along with fellow artists, artistic leader and choreographer Andrea Boll conceives dance tracks that react and oppose to the environment. Interpretation patterns dictated by society are revealed and challenged by dance statements in a captivating, disturbing and stirring way.