Site specific – dance performance tours in cities and nature.


Site specific – dance performance tour in cities and nature. With a proactive public that moves along, these performance tour leads through the town, over bridges, through buildings and streets, to squares and special hidden spots. Throughout this walk, we test locomotion strategies and our instincts in exchange with our environment and make them tangible. By making the path to our destination, we expose and explore the ‘condition humaine’. We guide you through the cities and nature, while you take the role of both: audience and active companion. We guarantee: change of perspective!


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downhill downriver downtown
idea: Andrea Boll & Melissa Ellberger
concept: Andrea Boll
track-concept: Andrea Boll & Frank Kauffmann
dancers, tour-guides, locomotion-sequence-instructors since 2015: Andrea Boll, Ivan Blagajcevic, Chris de Feyter, Diane Gemsch, Emilia Giudicelli, Berit Jentzsch, Jeanne Lehnherr, Emeric Rabot, Debi Rush, Dina Sennhauser, Federica Normanno, Benji Sunrajo, Paulien Truijen, Mohamed Y. Shika and company TeKi TeKua
Video & Foto: Peter Kadar
Foto: Pierro Weber

supported by: 
Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Stadt Schlieren, Stadt Zürich Kultur, Zürich Tanzt,  crowdfunding

info & bookings:
Casper de Vries & Claudia Geubel / Andrea Boll

performance tour through public spaces, industrial areas,
architectural spaces, rivers, lakes, sea

In the downtown-tour the dancers change brusquely from a prehistoric tribe into obsessive-compulsive city-neurots and vice a versa and expose the state of being of people on the move. Decontextualized actions uncover interpretation patterns. How does perception affect our inner and outer world? When and why do we react, act, look the other way, run away, even attack, pass by, stop, move on? Together with the dancers and in constant locomotion the audience takes the asphalt under the feet, choses viewpoints and makes path-breaking decisions. We guarantee: change of perspective!

The company can define the start and ending points of the trace and the included locations in collaboration with the organizer / festival or upon their own research in the town / place were the tour is taking place.

audience comment:
Der Spaziergang durch Zuerich hat mich tief berührt, eben weil es ist was es ist. Die Tänzerinnen, die Umgebung, die Zuschauer, die Texte der Bücher, die spielenden Kinder auf dem Spielplatz… alles wird zur Bühne und alles wird Tanz.
“Es war schön, inspirierend und eben… es berührt etwas in mir was ich nicht oft erlebe, etwas was ich nicht in Worte fassen kann… und auch nicht mehr in Worte fassen will.
Ich werde die Agenda im Auge behalten und hoffe ich kann wieder einmal dabei sein bei einem nächsten Projekt.”

– Adriana Schmid, Theaterpädagogin NL/CH

An der Schwelle zur vierten industriellen Revolution, ist die Menschheit wiederum im Begriff sich zu wandeln.

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