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The Mobile Camera - bollwerkfilm - Masterclass

The Mobile Camera

Choreographer Andrea Boll, in collaboration with Steadicam operator / editor Peter Kadar and Steadicam expert Chris Fawcett, made the dance film downhill, shot entirely on smartphone. The handset with Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabilizer gave them production strength and proved to be the perfect equipment for shooting on difficult terrain like a steep high Alp.

In collaboration with the Cinedans – Dance On Screen 2018 and the Henny Jurriëns Foundation in Amsterdam, a two-day workshop was first time offered for dance makers with film ambitions. Andrea Boll and her team introduce you to the choreography of the camera: where does the camera take over from the dancer, and how do you create dynamics? A hands-on workshop for both experienced and interested makers.

bollwerkfilm offers this workshop in co-teaching by min. two bollwerk-crew-members.
Impressions of the workshop The Mobile Camera here


Peter Kadar, Chris Fawcett, Andrea Boll