This class focuses on the dancer’s relationship with the floor (the floor as partner) and practices centrifugal, spiraling and serpentine movement patterns for economical entrances into and exits from the floor. The involvement of breathing dynamics releases energy throughout body & mind, and we use this as a motor for movement. This class also includes practical anatomy to discover and explore working with the skeleton in order to improve and expand the range of movement. And in order to use the weight of one body part, to move or release another body part.
Sequences build up during the entire class in order to discover, train and improve functional and sane movement patterns as well as performing skills, strength and flexibility and alignment to get to joyful, energetic moving and dancing.

Contemporary Dance – class or workshop for

  • professional dancers
  • trained mover
    or can be booked as well for
  • adults with dance experience
  • adults new to dance
  • children, teenagers, young adults
    contact us for more information: info@bollwerk-andreaboll.com

check out the calendar or book classes by sending a message to: info@bollwerk-andreaboll.com / IG-direct message: bollwerk.bollwerkfilm.aboll


changing locations, frequently at Profitraining Basel, Bern, Winterthur and bollwerk company training

for Who?

Contemporary Dance – class or workshop for *professional dancers *trained movers 
or can be booked as well for *adults with dance experience *adults new to dance, *children & teens. 
Contact us for more information: info@bollwerk-andreaboll.com / IG-direct message: bollwerk.bollwerkfilm.aboll


Andrea Boll & bollwerk collaborators during creation processes