Für ein Junges Publikum ab 5


bollwerk-Andrea Boll and Theater Sgaramusch

Stürmisches für Standfeste ab 5 Jahren

Hilfe! Rette sich wer kann! Warnstufe Violett! Tornado!
Weg von der Tür. Weg vom Fenster. Ab in den Keller. Kopf schützen.
Wo ist meine Schwester?
Sie ist doch bei dem Sturm nicht mit dem Motorrad unterwegs?
Stühle, Bretter, Fetzen, Säcke wirbeln durch die Luft – und ein Mann.
Die Fische im Aquarium schwimmen plötzlich links herum.
Wo der Tornado war, ist alles umgedreht, auseinander, verkehrt und kaputt.
Was soll nun werden?
Was noch zu retten ist, wird zusammengeschustert. Wer noch ganz ist, packt mit an.
Irgendwie passt eins zum andern – irgendwie, anders, neu.
Die Welt auf dem Kopf – sieht gut aus.

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For a young audience from 5

Tornado (English)

Two sisters live their regular lives, both of them happy being who they are. But than a stranger arrives, the weather is changing drastically and a tornado turns everything upside down. Nothing remains the same and a new order has to be found. At first they search for familiarity and safety with every effort. But than things are diverted from their intended use, rearranged and put back together in a rather different way – the trio reinvents itself.They will certainly not be daunted by a tornado! Not even if the next one is on its way already.

In TORNADO, internal emotional turbulences meet external tornados, just as contemporary dance meets theatre – in a dialogical wayand with high contrast. The central theme is the constant questioning of habits by completely disarranging them, discovering the unknown and utopic. The sudden change of ones own world is a vital experience: everything can be destroyed and one self can become the cause of destruction.
To test the integrity of orders, they must be overthrown time and again. Herby a tornado can be helpful.

Conception: Ensemble
Choreography: Andrea Boll
Cast: Andrea Boll, Nora Vonder Mühll, Stefan Colombo
Dramaturgy: Moos van den Broek
Oeil extérieur: Carol Blanc
Set and light design: Nina Langosch
Sound design: Wiebe Gotink
Costumes and rehearsal assistance: Ivan Blagajcevic
Graphic design: Remo Keller
Administration: bollwerk und Cornelia Wolf
Photo & Video: Peter Kadar
coproduction:Tanzhaus Zürich

20.03.2016 11:00 Tanz Now Steckborn
30.06.2015 19:30 A-Linz, Schäxpir
30.06.2015 10:00 A-Linz, Schäxpir
29.06.2015 19:30 A-Linz, Schäxpir
24 of Feb. 2015, 10h school performance / try-out, KammgarnSchaffhausen

24 of Feb. 2015, 19h premiere Kammgarn Schaffhausen
25 of Feb. 2015, 10h school performance, KammgarnSchaffhausen
1 of March 2015, 14h KammgarnSchaffhausen
2nd of March 2015, 10hschool performance,KammgarnSchaffhausen
5 of March 2015, 9hschool performance Tanzhaus Zürich
6 of March 2015, 9hschool performance Tanzhaus Zürich
7 of March 2015, 17h Tanzhaus Zürich
8 of March 2015, 11h Tanzhaus Zürich