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is a humorous-critical satire about what is ture. It is an exposé on needs, drives, instincts and passions that make us think that we know what is real and that what we experience is true.

Tableaux vivants emerge on stage. Then the imagination goes wild, the tableaux vivants get out of hand. The spectator is swept along on a roller coaster of possible interpretations of that one image. There are visions of the future, somber or not, a hopeful present, a nostalgic past, disquieting realities, timeless statements, naked facts and adventurous journeys, only to return to what was in the newspaper this morning. A trip through (false) truths and realities, a theater of realities.

concept & choreografie Andrea Boll i.s.m. Peter Kadar
dance Peter Kadar, Andrea Boll, Manon Avermaete (bollwerk) Adam Fejes, Adrienn Hoffmann, Gabriella Plóza, Adam Firgy (MU Terminal)
music & composition Ernst Reijseger, producer DW-RS Producties

bollwerk with MU Terminal/MU Theater Budapest, in coproduction with CaDance Festival The Hague and Grand Theatre Groningen. 

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  • Year: 2011
  • Project: Wa(h)rEsGelogen
  • company: bollwek
  • choreographer: Andrea Boll

…Wa(h)rEsGelogen ist faszinierend und mitreissend. Nur eine reife ChoreografIn wagt es, so konsequent eine beschränkte Anzahl Motive auszuarbeiten und mit so viel Ruhe ein zusammenhängendes Ganzes zu kreieren…. Auf hohem Niveau und adäquat…

– Kutszegi Csaba, tanckritika.hu – 04/02/2011 – MU Theater Budapest 29 Jan. 2011