Andrea Boll & Ivan Blagajcevic
A sensuell, sensitive duet that starts as a massage and ends up going under the skin.

sage tells of the complex and delicate dynamics that arise when two people repeatedly touch each other. Touch in itself transforms into an infinitely multifaceted source of inspiration for a sharply danced dialogue. The space between two people (distance and proximity) tells the story of the senses. Constant physical stimuli trigger hybrid feelings, emotions are evoked, pierced, unraveled, rejected. Strong images from devotion to despair cause transfiguration. Forced by the untameable nature of their counterparts, the two dancers deform and bend into wild and primordial creatures, until liberated individuals become to lay bare.

We create sage to be performed in entrance halls, foyers, living rooms, parks, outdoor on squares, bridges, grass fields and on stage.

residencies at
Fabriktheater / Rote Fabrik Zürich: Kosmos Zürich, Tanzhaus Zürich, Korzo Theater The Hague with showing on 19 of May, 16h

21st of June, 21h at Kosmos KLUB, Zurich. After the show: Mittsommernachtstanz with DJ Ajele to celebrate the longest day of the year!
5 of July, 20:30 Julidans Amsterdam
sage on stage mid November 2019: Fabriktheater / Rote Fabrik Zürich

check here for more performance dates

choreography & dance: Andrea Boll & Ivan Blagacevic
artistic advise: Guy Cools
coproduction: Fabrikthetaer / Rote Fabrik

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